Power ups

There are 8 power-ups in Tank Negotiator. 6 are mentioned in the in-game help screens, and two more “secret” ones are described here. For all the power-ups that cause damage (Mine, Call For Support, Tesla Coil, Electro-bolt), the damage is increased depending on the level of that player’s hero skill.


PU_Mine Mine – Mines are single use objects that can be secretly dropped. The player who dropped the mine won’t trigger, but any other players that pass nearby will. In addition, Mines can be triggered by a shockwave blast (perhaps preemptively).



 Teleport – Teleports are multiple-use objects. When a player picks up a teleport, they can use the right trigger and left thumbstick to move anywhere in the maze (as such, firing bullets is disabled).



Call For Support – This is a single use object that when activated will unleash a reign of terror upon the maze. Most of the laser bolts that are fired from the mothership will be aimed at the opponents of the player who activated.



Electro-bolt – This is a multiple-use object that lets the player set up to three electrified wires between walls. These wires cause great damage to whomever touches them. Keep ones of these near your home base, and it can be a good solution for defending your position in capture-the-flag.


PU_Impostor Impostor – This is a multiple-use object that tricks other players into thinking you’re on their team. This is not just a visual trick (you take on the team color of your closest opponents), but it confuses their weapons too. You’ll be completely immune to their intelligent weapons and skills.


PU_Tesla Tesla Coil – This single-use object sends out bursts of electricity to any nearby opponents for several seconds. You can inflict great damage on many opponents like this. But watch out for players with the ice-cannon skill – if they aim it at you, you’ll be electrocuted!

PU_IceCube Ice Cube – This multiple-use (carried) object makes your weapons cool down 30% more quickly. This can be a big advantage – you won’t need to let up on the guns nearly as often!


PU_Turbo Turbo – This multiple-use (carried) object makes your top speed by 75%. Zip around the maze at high speed! Escape from others! Super fun in an environment with a low friction surface (such as Slippery Kitchen).


How is it determined which power-ups appear? If the chance of a Mine appearing is 1, then the chances for the following are: Tesla Coil: 0.5, Call For Support: 0.2, Electro-bolt: 0.3, Impostor: 0.3, Teleport: 0.25, Ice Cube: 0.12, Turbo: 0.15.

In addition, Impostor won’t appear unless it is useful (someone has upgraded to an intelligent skill). And there can’t be more single-use objects lying around as there are players in the game.