Hero skills

There are 4 different hero skills from which you can choose before starting the game. Each tends to increase damage and decrease recharge time as they are upgraded to higher levels.

Flamethrower (Fire) – This sets targeted players on fire, causing them long-term damage.  In addition, once it’s intelligent (starting at level 3) it can be used to melt out frozen teammates. Increasing levels also make it work more rapidly.

Ice Cannon (Water) – This encases targeted players in ice, preventing them from moving or turning. Once they’re immobilized, it’s time to take pot shots at them! Increasing levels make it work more rapidly. It can also be used to electrocute someone who is using a Tesla Coil, or (once it is intelligent, start at level 3) to extinguish the fire on a burning teammate.

Shockwave (Earth) – Shockwave spools up and then sends out a devastating pulse that expands around the player. It causes increasing damage with increasing levels. It can also be used to preemptively detonate nearby mines (either as a safety precaution or to get an opponent who isn’t quite close enough to trigger the mine).

Vortex (Wind) – Create a swirling vortex that sucks in other players. They get spit out somewhere else on the board having taken significant damage. It won’t affect yourself, but make sure to get out of the way as your opponents come barreling towards you as they are sucked in!