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Entangled is a puzzle game currently available for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Work your way through 40 levels, manipulating entangled mirrors and filters to direct lasers to their targets.

It is based on a Ludum Dare¬†game competition entry which placed in the top 5% of submissions in the “Overall” and “Fun” categories.











Some comments from Ludum Dare reviewers:

“Great music and really clever game play”
“Clever puzzles, I like it!”
“Awesome game. Good progression on the levels. It is clever and well done.”
“A nice idea – REALLY well put together.”
“Bravo! One of my favourite types of games done really well. Great work in pretty much all departments.”
“Wow. WOW. Good jod, good effects, good level design.”
“Really amazing job! This is the first really good puzzle game I’ve come across this Ludum Dare, and it’s really well done. Well thought out mechanics and puzzles.”
“Very well done, one of the best games I’ve played in the compo.”